Business Scope

Daily necessities, Food, Wine, Fruits, Vegetables, Agricultural products, Textiles and Clothing, Shoes and Hats and Home Furnishing, Cultural and Sports supplies and Equipment, Mineral products, Building materials, Chemical products (except hazardous chemicals), Decoration materials, Mechanical equipment, Metal products, Electrical equipment, Automobile and Motorcycle accessories, Musical instruments, Photographic equipment, Handicrafts, Furniture, Household appliances, Electronic products and accessories, Lubricating oil etc.


You able to contact with us, if you are interested in below sevices.

1.Need to a company for handle your import and export business operatiom in China.
2. Intend to develop the market in China, or needs an agent in China for your products.
3. Wants import relevant products and materials from China and needs the export agent of China.
4. Needs to purchase or collect production and materials in China then consolidate transportation to your distination country.
5. Relevant Chinese market research.

Welcome to your inquiry and communication anytime. we also will update our message of products and materials in our website at non-scheduled basis.

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